A Divine Love Affair – Parupudi Satyavenkatavinodkumar

A Divine Love Affair

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A love affair and divine too!
How do you suggest this to me?
I asked my muse casually
As the rush of thoughts surged

And this ancient muse kept smiling
And looked towards the sky and earth
As if to point to me some subtle signals
It was dark and stars began twinkling

The myriad smiles of the sky
In the wake of dawn of darkness
As if Sheepishly indicating the arrival
Of the dance of the universal lovers

As the sun Sets at one end of the earth
We are treated to the charms of the moon
What it is that makes the moon so special
And how do they dance in tandem in separation

Never meeting each other ever
Yet the bond never weakening
The Sun ever bright and bustling
The Moon ever calm and soothing

For us little human beings it just is a day and night
But when looked at from the cosmic view point
They are the ancient and eternal lovers
Nourishing the seeds of love in humanity

The sun has not uttered the promise
Of being a companion of the moon
Yet he leaves the kiss of reflections
For the humanity to witness love divine

The Moon never signed a treatise
To be a part of this gracious exchange
Yet it forever accepts the brightness
And soothes it down to sweetness

Ah The Love of the separation
As if they bring alive each other
In the absence of each other
To say you live in me and I live in you


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