A RAINBOW OF COLOURFUL POETRY – Dr.K.C.Sethi and Mrs. Sunita Sethi

A LONG JOURNEY Of Dr.K.C.Sethi and  Mrs. Sunita Sethi from Daman, India to bring up their concept in an enchanting manner.

In may 2018 this sweet and sincere  Sethi Couple visited Galatone , Italy to attend a famous festival GALATONE-2018 and to judge the enteries of Art & Poetry received in  various  events organised by Verbamulundi Art & Poetry, Italy. 

Having been known as originators and parents of pictorial poetry concept  framed in  coffee table books in the world, and ahievers of Golden Book Of World Records, Asia Book Of Records and India book of records on this beautiful and novice concept, 

They were most capable and suitable judges for our grand event held during the festival for 4 days . 
Hence  they were invited from India to grace the occasion and announce the judgement  . 
During this grand festival they launched  a  beutiful binder of pictorial poetry, GALATONE-2018, which

highly  impressed the audience and participants with its  beautiful pictorial poems and quotes.Apart from that they launched  other five coffee table books and a binder framed with pictorial poetry. 

They exhibited their works with other art and literature enteries.Mr George Onsy  from Egypt also graced the occasion with his philophical presentation to the audience. 
Sethi couple’s Pictorial Poetry coffee table books were the main attraction of the event since they were experiencing such a beautiful concept of poetry and photography 
Combination first time in history of Italy during 21st century.  

Mr K.C.Sethi was honoured with Life Time Career Award which was presented by the Director of Pope’s Cabniet Vatican city and highly designated media personality in the great church of Galatone 

I feel pleased and to write that they have worked very hard to develop this concept worlwide and seeded it in the land of Italy, Germany, Parague, UAE and recently in  Nepal when in  India it has touched reachable heights and the poets have started publishibg  pictorial poetry books and anthologies in the frame of coffee table books. Sethi couple helps fellow poets in drafting their coffee table books free of charge to spread their concept. 
They have drafted five coffee table books for Dr Poonam Wadhwa & Ms. Jyotirmaya Thakur and acclaimed great appreciation in poetry world.

Their latest two  anthologies have establised new heights in pictorial poetry when they invited research papers from the poets and research scholars on the subject  of  “Pictorial poetry” to strengthen  its plinth/foundations.  Out of 49 papers 40 were selected  for publication in a grand  pictorial binder named, “PICTORIAL POETRY : EXPANDING HORIZONS”  first ime in the history of english literature during 21st century.First ever pictorial anthology in the world it came ti be. 
After this publication they thought of publishing a pictorial poetry anthology and invited poems from all over the world  to  compile a beautiful coffee table book naming  “SHAPES OF LOVE”  which also got to be first ever pictorial anthology of poetry in the world. My two poems also  beautify this coloured pictorial anthology.Sethi couple  awaits an approval of its world record  being the first pictorial anthology in  the world from Golden Book of World Records. 

Wish them more success and peace in their lives. 

Regina Resta 
Verbamulubdi Art 
Galatone, Italy. 

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