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Regina Resta was born in Castellammare di Stabia (Na). After completing high school and university studies at the University “Federico II” in Naples. in Biological Sciences, she married and moved to Galatone (Le). She is the mother of three children. Between work and as collaborator in the Diocesan Caritas and Head of the Parish Caritas, she cultivates her passion as a poet and writer. She collaborates and writes on various literary sites, also in English. She collaborated with the WebTV myboxtv on art and culture and headed “Verbumlandia”, which she designed and conducted. She continues to freelance at www.verbumlandia.com
She has published some of her works on national cultural magazines, including “The Sage”. Several of her poems are part of the anthology collections “Woman … mystery art” and “Verses Several XI and XII edition.”

● 2nd Prize for the anthology: “Life as a House” at the First International Prize of Art Europe Club Messina at Taormina in 2010;

● 1st prize with the anthology “Love … zero kilometer” at the 2nd International Art Prize Europclub Messina in 2011;

● Certificate of honor “Mario Luzi” 2010 award;

● Certificate of merit award “The Wise -Auletta Terra Nostra” in 2010;

● Certificate of merit XIII and XIV Edition of Eboli International Poetry Competition;

● Award of the publishing house Montedit- Necklace The Golden Splinters (The books of premiums) 2010;

● Poetry winner of the National Poetry Prize “I EXIST” 2011 U.I.L.D.M. SEZ. DI OTTAVIANO;

● Honorable mention at the 1st National Poetry Competition Taranto “A love like” 2011;

● Winner, 2nd prize in the 2011 National Literary Contest, “With … verses … I love the house”, sponsored by the Friends of the Public Library of San Salvatore Telesino;

● Diploma as finalist for the Anthology Academy Gioacchino Belli 2011 Rome;

● The most prestigious award she has received is the medal of the President of the Republic, the Prize “City of Etiquette” , which recognizes the contributions of great personalities of the world of culture and art.


● She received the Culture Prize to Juan Montalvo in 2015 in recognition of her works;

● She has written three anthologies: “Scratches Life” (2009) this collection includes her poems which have received awards’

● “Life as a House” (2010) 2nd Prize Europclub Messina;

● “Love … zero kilometer” (2011) 1st Prize Europclub Messina.


She has published “At the Flea” Edit Santoro 2013;
“Love is fleeting” Edit Santoro 2015;
And “Feel like having Want” translated and published in Serbia by Majdan magazine 2016;
Reviewed various authors such as Sergio Camellini, Annamaria Mangione, Gennaro Carrano, Max Loy, and written several articles of literary criticism;
Her most important work is the creation of International Association VerbumlandiArt which she founded in 2012. She is the present President.
On June 6, 2016 she drew up, as President of VerbumlandiArt, and with the association of writers and poets of the Serbian “Majdan” (of which she is an honorary member), a cultural and artistic cooperation protocol.
With the cooperation of the Verbumlandiart Association, she developed numerous cultural events in art and poetry.
The Centre Lunigianese of Danteschi Studies, manager of Universal Peace International Poetry Prize ‘FrateIlaro del Corvo’, has appointed her as Ambassador of ‘FrateIlaro’.


Love runs along a wire

Love runs along a wire
Each heartbeat stops for stopping
in order not to fall.

It feels trapped, chained.
Thus it flees so it won’t be recognized
in order not to break down.
Love kills, sweeps
and it succumbs,
To avoid its running at the breakneck speed
the road becomes shorter
And takes the pain.
To take refuge in that Castle without walls
built in air
Nothing belongs to us
only a wish if it were a dream
It never runs out.

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