Atachie Richard Agbalenhrola’ poem


Anytime I miss you dearly,

tears irrigate like mucus in arteries

I die and resurrect like the creator;

which I think is a miracle that lives inside me.

I choose to write poesy that are not clear to understanding,

I’m childless of all barrens.

When will you come and assemble laughter

on the fore-court of my heart?

To this day I write you on my soapless lips,

it doesnt lather you with slippery-foamy sensation

You’re the tallest sapele that can see the whole world

as far as my destiny is concern.

As you left me to marry the earth,

I have been baptised with your true vindication,

which to now, Im motionless.

You’ve made me believed the saying that

“when your rib missing, your bones work less because united they stand”

take the chain of love and bind me to your heart,

I mean the root of your veins,

I will move no more.

For being part of a world full of snares requirres your encouragement

that fertilises a hopeless seed of success.




Atachie Richard Agbalenhrola

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