Author Richard Doiron

Author Richard Doiron

Author Richard Doiron

About The Author Richard Doiron
by RD

Richard Doiron was first published in 1964. He has published 18 books to date. A graduate in journalism, his work has been read at the United Nations University for Peace; at the World Congress of Poetry & Cultures; he has read at national and international literary festivals. He has twice participated in written forums alongside the Dalai Lama by invitation.

Prolific hardly describes him, as he produces an estimated 1,000 new poems yearly. His sonnets alone now number over 5500. He considers himself a channel, poetry as much a mystery to him today as it was fifty years ago. Of French-Acadian extraction, most of his work is done in English, a language he has mastered with relative ease.

One of the highlights of his life was meeting Doc PenPen and sharing many experiences with him. As he sees it, some people are imbued with genius and charisma, and in that regard, Doc PenPen is at the top of that list.

Books Published by Richard Doiron
Love – 1979, Branstead Press, Carlisle, Ontario;
Child of the Universe – 1991, The Ploughman Publishing Company, Whitby, Onatario;
Tomorrow’s World – 1999, Dream Catcher Publishing, Saint John, New Brunswick;
My Prayer for Peace – 2002, Dream Catcher Publishing, Saint John, New Brunswick.

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