Dr Jernail. S Aanand


Dr Jernail. S Aanand, a philosopher a writer a poet… a great man, whose silhouette is inscribed with the wind; roams upon space filling it with his mundane gestures, echoes, traditions and intentions… establishing a footprint a trend a fashion of love…
our poet Jernail S Aanand employs his feverish language of love, an emphatic form of ink splashes setting a reader, to dream- i’d like to evoke emote dramatise one of his love poems:
Whenever I talk of death
My dear!
Tears flood thy being
And you remind of thy ultimate wish
To be borne along my shoulders
To the final resting place. #1
Remember my dear,
When I shall cease to be
And before I shut these shutters bright
Cover my vision
With visions thine
Spread thy sweet face
Across the horizon
Let my failing eyes
Look and look into thine. #2
When I am gone
Let me carry
On a journey forlorn
A caravan, a woman alone,
Two shining stars,
Two sweet-red petals of rose,
Some scent of thy breath
And the balm of your touch..
Let me carry on that fearful sojourn. #3
When I look at you
I see your sweet face
I see your lovely eyes
I see love sprinkled on our lips
But along with you I see
Walls, bricks, roofs, floors,
Men and women too,
Which interest me for you are there too. #4
But when I close my shutters
No bricks build any walls,
No people around to be avoided,
No taboos to be respected
Yes, when I shut my eyes,
All around I see
You You and Nothing but You. #5
That is what makes me think of Death.
Which alone could ensure
Thy company eternal.
Fear not, it will not divided us.
Life has, but it will not.
We shall be born again,
Two rose-petals in a flower somewhere.
Come, don’t feel,
It is not los.
It is gain eternal. #6
Let me put my head in thy lap
Clasp me in your arms
And cast thy cascading hair around my eyes
And let me look look and look
At thy face, thy eyes, thy soul, O Dear.! #7
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