EQUAL RIGHTS – M.a. Rathore


I am not a beggar with my eyes downcast
And my hands closed in gtatitude;
I will not ask for anything even if mercy
From the so-called mighty God
If ever I am a part of his essence
On this earth in any form or representation

I am what I am; fully satisfied with
All my own potentiality and imperial status;
Not less than any heavenly powers
That supposed to govern us in any sense

If so, then why should I pray; beg
And lie prostrated like a beggar
In front of the absolute God?
For I have left all my worldly desires
Of name and fame; greed and illusions

No temptations will draw my attention
From the path that leads to any glory
[I have forshaken all my deep desires
And lusty thoughts to be a beggar ]
Rather I am an emperor of my own kingdom
Spread all around like the great God above

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