Free My People, Our Wrath!!! – Atachie Richard Agbalenhrola

Free My People, Our Wrath!!!

Can you see our patter tears
Our ambigious pain
Climbing our soul till death breath
Touch our heart how it bumps
Hold our hunger in your tight hand
Feel how we want to write our pain
Like an oath sworn to a river god
Cos if you feel to hold our future
To the still fear you you’ve planted in our dreams
Them look straight to our eyes
The spear that steer blood
Is showcasing prowess emergeance
We stole the vow of our great men
To fight our fading tears
gods and musketeers you call yourself
Free my people,My wrath
Is a death song sung for justice
To prevail in the testimony
Of the wicked lovers
Whose woe troll villains

Let no vain and agony
Stone your heart tonight
After we reclaim the haste
From their spew core
For us to survive in a deadly dungeon
Chained our abled men with lies
Thus deceit shine like the sun so bright
Our neck has been bind to piercing steels of cowardice
And we can’t look back
To the fortune of our fathers
And our disgrace is diagram
That is not drawn to scale
Yet we still laugh in the angle of our yellow teeth
Which make us grouse today
Croissant to our young children
Whose dream and aspersion
Is a tale told with a ballad
When thunder test his voice
In the midst of a walking ocean
Free my people, My wrath
Is new machinery of wisdom
Invented by my ancestors
Who armed me with knowledge
And sent me to fight on your palaces
To bring good deeds from exile

Atachie Richard Agbalenhrola

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