II Edition 2016 Prize “THE VOICE OF THE POETS” Lecce



The Association VerbumlandiArt announces the II Edition 2016 Prize



  1. At the International Poetry Prize and video poetry “The Poets” may take part in foreign authors from 18 years up.
  2. The Prize includes three (3) sections, all on the theme of Peace: “STANDING, BUILDERS OF PEACE” in reference to exhortation of Don Tonino Bello, Bishop of Peace and Dialogue.
  3. they are not admitted : racist, defamatory, offensive to the dignity of others, with political references, or erotic.
  4. Participation in the competition is FREE, as well as the inclusion of the finalist videos on the YouTube channel

Send a maximum of 30 lines the poem, published or unpublished, in word Times New Roman 12.


To participate in the video poetry must be a video that tell us peace and dialogue between peoples, also send the text of the video poetry in word. The video, max of 3 minutes, will be realized in format: avi / mpeg (1-2-4) / mov / flv / wmv to support mini dv / dvd / cd-r.

  1. The text can be recited or written by captions or subtitles.
  2. The video poetry can be realized by a single author or authors of two separate (one for the literary part and one for video): you must release the copyright, the judgment will be on the work “in toto” and the prize will be unique.


Published or to be inserted or superimposed on the side of a color image or black and white (maximum of 2 works). Add in word also text of the poem.

The works shall be considered valid even if published on Social Networks, Websites, Personal Blog or public, etc. provided they do not violate copyrights.

  1. The author must send absolutely no later than 24 hours of November 20, 2016 (postmark date of shipment) the video, the fotopoesia, poetry, duly completed form for participation in every part, including full name, address, email, telephone number, transcribed word poetry. The entry form must also contain the author’s cultural Association authorization Verbumlandiart … to the processing of personal data, in order to allow the smooth progress of the various stages of the award selection.

The material should be sent via email to:


must be indicated INTERNATIONAL PRIZE “The Voice of the Poets”.





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