JUSTICE FIRST – Waheed Musah



We need equal right and justice

To make this world a peaceful place for us all

No more superior and inferior practices

We are one people,  one world

The children are crying for justice

The old are crying for equal right

No justice no peace

We should no this better

Justice and equality first

We are crying for justice

We are crying for equality

We are crying for love

We are crying for peace

We are crying for unity

Help the poor to defect poverty

Stop manufacturing inorganic diseases

Lets stop the fighting and killing

Of innocent souls

Stop manufacturing nuclear weapons for mass distraction


Leaders are not Gods but servants

Leaders are to serve in the interest of the citizens

Not in your their own interest

Leaders, stop stealing state resources


Think of the future of the children

The aged

The pregnant women

The disabilities

And say No to Violence

No to injustice

No to corruption

No to distraction

No to war

No to humiliation

Every one should be respected and be protected

Together we can build a peaceful world

Hafrikan Prince


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