MAYBE ONE DAY! – Tyran Prizren Sp

do you hear call of the heaven hopefully, MAYBE ONE DAY!
Madam / Sir,

… We are spiritual short life,
sensitive, fragile, sail in time,
the glass manager, are in this life.your nature, I do not understand!
Place where flows treasure of sin,
I do continue to watch, find the reason,
hard, ugly behavior to figure out ….

Again, I do not have desire to hate,
or throw poison to the creatures of Lord,
companions we are in this short time,
necessarily blindly going towards the end …

” Friend ” of mine
hope to meet you soon,
place where goodness is embraced,
simple wisdom is respected,
satisfaction of being human,
reaches art of life love,
by poverty hungry souls,
be covered with compassion, divine creatures …

Nobility has forgotten to step down to earth,
In order to overcome dirty envy,
under the sounds of mystic Rumi,
rowed in the light of brotherhood,
we, you, discard earthly foolishness,
throw away as beyond the ego ..
In the sky, we have a mission,
right to go towards the glory
knit the veil of generosity,
wandering beyond the merciful world ,
perfect melody of beauty ,
the fiery feeling of love,
the clean hand of the friend,
all merge into the magic of life ..

A little tenderness, fondle words,
hugging smile, helping hand,
virtue, grace, elegance in behavior,
we should,
-in doing this, nothing can stop us


* Manager, glassy-Tennessee Williams
* Mewlana Jalaluddin Rumi

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