My Moaning Night…Khushwant Daksh

My Moaning Night…

Each passing day, I think of you

and every night it was you in my mind

and it was you in my elusive dream,

fantasizing, we were together again…


The passion between our hearts

are immeasurable, intimidating…

the alluring moment of titillating brought

us both sensuality of the night.


As I was totally, drunk and striving

for you to caress my fragility

and feel my wetting femininity

I saw you making love to me


Yet when I moaned, grasping

I felt your warm body, your breath

that brought me into heavenly lust

your hunger touch, that made me cum.


I was in the middle of illusion

of our titillating situation

fantasizing you’re real

be with me when I needed you…


What a moaning  illusive  night I have…

I drink the last drop of my wine

and went back to bed to be surprised!

you were there lying waiting to be hug…


Ahh dearie, the time has come

and this is for real, for real my love…

I have come to realise that you are real

and not  a dream in my moaning night…

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