PEACE – II Chandra Prakash Sharma

On Leo Tolstoy’s Birthday
(September 9th, 1828)


War and Peace
The life’s hot spots
Ages have passed
But the battles still fought


Since times immemorial
Good and Evil go to war
The conflict not resolved
It lingers on in minds so far


The Kauravas and Pandavas
Their differences never shed
In the divine presence of Krishna
Blood of their own wide spread


Sumers and Elam
Fought fierce battle
But terrorist issues
We couldn’t yet settle


The mighty minds
thrashed the brains
But wars still continue
though nobody gains


ContempoTolstoy and Gandhi
Two apostles of peace
The one an intellectual
The other with mass appeal


Today Tolstoy’s birthday
Reminds of War and Peace
Of his Anna Karenina
His last letter to Gandhi

How the peace fleece


So long as child we know
Conditioned to loyalties

We just forget as we grow
Hence all our life is meant for fails.


Peace needs an approach
With childlike innocence
Gun tottering can’t bring it
Nor deadly weapons of defence


This will be our true homage
To Leo Tolstoy on his birthday
If we listen to his sagacious words
And act as he earnestly says

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