PHENOMENAL WOMAN – Vincent Alexander


Hail thou art woman,
Most beautiful part of creation
Ought to be respected in any nation
Endowed with substance beauty character
Thy intoxicating sweetness is like nectar
Most tender loving caring sensual being
Man’s duty is to adore and keep on loving
Thee with extreme passion tenderness,
Right man will see how beautiful thou art,
So graceful, and with nothing to hide
Pure of heart such an adorable sweetheart
Proud of thy femininity and sexuality,
Living a life of right royal dignity
Thankful for the way God created thee

Thou art a phenomenal woman
Also a deeply sensual woman
Be it dressed or undressed
Best companion to man
Thou art a sacred goddess
Thy womb God did bless
cos thou gave birth to man

Thou art the daughter of Eve
Destined by God to conceive
It’s time for man to acknowledge
Thy role in modern society
Treat thee with utmost respect
Cos this is what thou expect
‘tis well known that man
Is incomplete without his woman

Hail thou art O glorious woman
Not lower but equal to man
Thou hast been adorned with beauty
Adoring loving honouring thee
Is man’s God given duty
© All Rights Reserved
~ Vincent Alexander

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