Sermons -The light of all the truth- Munir Mezyed


Sermons -The light of all the truth- Munir Mezyed

whoever is enemy unto my freedom; indeed, he is a conspicuous enemy unto his own self. In the Arab world, the free intellectual has to choose one of the three places to be: exile or tomb or jail. Therefore, I chose to be free bird, not belonging unto a particular race, ethnic or national group, singing on the branches of eternity. Indeed, the hardest thing for a human being to do is to be completely free from all the conventional truths that have been entrenched in his heart and mind. I consider myself extremely blessed and lucky to be able to attain Perfect Freedom by discovering my true nature, and that I am a mirror for those who seek to see God. This discovery has led me into all the truth and allowed my thirsty soul for salvation to drink the water of divinity from the fountain of creativity. As a writer or an artist or a philosopher, simply, you cannot be a real creative while you are chained by the habit of accepting inherited beliefs, nor can you attain divine inspiration unless you realize your true nature.

I come to know that other than God and I, nothing exists in that indiscernible light. Thus whatever is indiscernible can only be perceived by obtaining Perfect Freedom. However, I wonder if those iniquitous, who are grossly unfair and morally wrong, being involved in doing all sorts of corruption, will ever come to their senses and become aware of the outcome of their evil behaviors. Sadly, these iniquitous have been detached from their true nature.

Sermons for those who are thirsty for divine Knowledge:

• The shortest way that leads you directly unto God is love…

• God does want you to be afraid of Him but to trust Him and show your love…

• God would never ask you to believe in what contradicts with your own reason and your own common sense. Simply, He expects from you to be mindful of your duty toward yourself first, then toward the others, and then toward everything that surrounds you.

• Love is the positive energy, and the divine power that is capable of reuniting the human family, helping man to get rid of his devilish instincts towards power, influence and social control, getting him out of the illusion of the material world to the absolute idealism where tranquility and inner peace.

• You will never be free till you free yourself from your own conventional wisdom.

• God doesn’t live in temples or churches or mosques but in the deeds of those who seek to promote the welfare of others.

• To be free means to get rid of your fear and your superstitious thinking.Thus you will be touched by the hand of the sacred power that heals your soul and makes your mind and heart ready to receive the divine revelation, the true and real love….

• No salvation for humanity from pain and sorrows, suffering and torment till man returns unto activating the moral and spiritual values…

The rest of the sermons:

Pearls of the golden soul

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