Privy Behind Motherhood! – Atachie Richard Agbalenhrola

Privy Behind Motherhood!


Mother; is a treasure

And mother to have is a pleasure

It treasures their children & husbands

Their heart is a dining table

garnished with love and passion

Their heart is a venue of compassion

threaded with an empathy that is its side attraction

Their heart is a mediator which look out for various mechanism to sustain arbitration

Their heart is an enconium of smiles

that arranges happiness on the

faces of their wards.


They are a seed planted on rocks

but they germinate in bulk

Their spirited soul is an imitation of love from an Immortal God

They are an ambassador of the future

Their breast milk is a wine served with wisdom and emerges knowledge

Their speech is a summit of lovers

That sit chairs for a noble family to enjoy its seminar.


Oh mother!

For many have lost you

Others have you

And to those whose mothers have paid a visit to their ancestors

I summon my ink to celebrate your hearty lost

For a mother is a precious gift you can’t replenish

She is the chandelier in your eyes

that smiles more than the sky

They are the taste on your tongue

your lips are the colour of their heart.

To you I mourn with thee

And to those whose mother still breath and smile with earth

Caution them with care

and buy the world for them

Let them feel that the world was made without them.

Present them to the world

It is the only fresh air no one can breath with you.


We’re celebrating you because you are scarce

Your heart is a quill to write on a scarce parchment

Your care and protection is more than a guard who serves a king

For keeping me in your womb

Is the most grateful Thing to admire.

You are the birth of a nation

and your presence fights for justice in the belly of your wards.

I hail you mother and stay calm to your exquisite hospitality.


Happy Mother’s Day.







Atachie Richard Agbalenhrola