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dear friends,
I would like to share with you the keynote speech I presented in Nigeria, April 2017, at the conference:
As it presents, according to many audiences, a new effective approach for dealing with that urging issue. Welcome to see also pictures of our Awarding with THE ICON OF PEACE by the higher authorities there.
Plus, my Visual Modelling System of Problem-Solving/Conflict Resolution.
Find here too my successful contribution in India, Orissa, Bhubaneswar, KIIT University, April 14-16, where I recited my poems, displayed the paintings and presented a new approach to a Universal Spirituality for Peacemaking and Human Solidarity across Religious Differences:
ENJOY ETERNALLY – A PSYCHOSOMATIC APPROACH TO Enjoy a Needed Body-Mind-Soul Harmony that Lasts Forever, Starting through Our Actual Life HERE and NOW. It’s a new meditation system through all that’s eternally enjoyable in our life of Emotions, Sensual Perception, Physiological Processes, Work, Activities and even Daily Challenges.

My Keynote speech at Nigeria’s Conference:

Ladies and gentlemen, hearty greetings from Egypt, The Land of Love (TA-MRI), as our great forefathers, the Pyramid Builders used to call it. Blessings to you all, specially to our highly distinguished hosts.
Curbing the World Menaces, Threats or Risks! That’s why we are all here. According TO THE GLOBAL RISKS REPORT 2017, the menaces of our today’s world are five:
1- Economic Growth & Freedom.
2- Rebuilding Communities.
3- Managing Technological Disruption.
4- Strengthening Global Cooperation.
And finally,
5- Accelerating Actions in Climate Change.
Yet, I wonder, and all of you surely do with me, why the ever menacing risk of TERRORISM hasn’t been mentioned in such an important report issued by one of the highest international authorities??!!! This ignorance or ignoring is significant and needs to be analyzed maybe in another session. However, due to the fact that terrorism has become ahead of all menaces threatening the very existence of humanity, we do feel responsible to bring it up here today.
So now, CURBING THE MENACES OF THE WORLD! Which menaces we’ve come here trying to curb? A question that needs to be discussed starting from the heights of mystical and philosophical vision down to the ground of reality where we have to face actual challenges, making decision and taking actions.
Theoretically speaking, what is CURBING THE MENACES.
We understand that menaces are those which generate FEAR. FEAR causes menaces to gain dominion over our life.
So, we’d better start by asking ourselves what is FEAR?
In fact, fear is our continual insecurity having doubts about keeping our own and our beloved ones’ peace, stability, and resources safely unshaken.
Menaces take their very power from the FEAR of death that is engraved deep into the hearts and minds of all mortals .. if they insist to continue being mortal forever.
To curb the menaces, we simply have to curb that mental/spiritual virus called FEAR .. FEAR of death.
To say the truth, nothing can be done about that except changing our very mentality’s format .. this mortals’ mentality that unconditionally accommodates the NOTION of death in each and every nervous cell of our brain and entire body.
FEAR is all about that natural right of any mortal to resist dying, to live, survive and continue living.
But how about another right, a bizarre looking right maybe, which I would call the RIGHT TO DIE. Yes, the right to die extending our very existence across the borders of this limited aspect, which is our earthly life, into a boundless timeless one which is free from all bridles of FEAR.
Here and only here, death will be swallowed into the great victory of our souls, simply because its only deadly thorn will be broken as we, triumphed, will proclaim that if we live we live for the very Source of our Existence and if we die, we die to merge into that same Source, becoming one with Him. So, if we live or die we do exist still, exist forever.
Believe it or not, this is the very foundation we should lay for building our menace-curbing system, facing those who are ready to be suicide bombers in order to accomplish their own EARTHLY MATERIALISTIC plans. This system should be understood as a sustainable healing system rather than a system of retaliation or punishment; that an eye-for-an eye/a tooth-for-a tooth approach.
Yes, our motive to curb those menaces is to HEAL the aggressors whomever you call them, terrorists, blood-thirsty creatures, demons or vampires.
To HEAL … to heal not retaliate or punish is to fully realize, existentially speaking, that the aggressors are the real victims of all the violence tragedies set on our worldwide stage of today. Here, tolerance and forgiveness makes much more sense. We do tolerate not because we are helpless or frightened, rather we do in order to go through a long process of healing for our aggressors contaminated with hate and addicted to the love of power, dominance and violence.
I say healing, as we are considering now the practical approach to our problem, and as I say healing I urge everyone present here to build together the multi-story healing center starting with:
Level 1
A powerful worldwide campaign for raising awareness EMPHASIZING THE TOLERANT HUMANITARIAN DIMENSION OF RELIGIOUS DOCTRINES. That needs a new enlightened rereading and analysis of the sacred scriptures in the light of human due value and rights and the urging civilization-saving requirements. Here, an intensive media support will be a must. The absence of such action will mean that the extremist brainwashing will go on and on gaining more hearts filled with hate, heads with destructive plans, and hands stained with ever more innocent blood.
Level 2
EQUAL DISTRIBUTION OF RESOURCES. We should be fully aware of the fact that if half the world eats all the food, and I think TV and internet commercials are doing a very good job at that, THEN half the world will eat the other half. A warning I once heard long ago in a song and it always holds truth. The more we enjoy being indifferent to others’ plight the more we will, for sure, suffer the same plight, by their violence, paying for our luxurious indifference. Believe me, if we don’t move fast to feed the hungry communities that will inevitably give way to those who offer them a loaf of bread in one hand and a deadly sword in the other and, don’t forget, the hungry has no choice but to accept BOTH.
EQUAL DISTRIBUTION OF RESOURCES. We should be fully aware of the fact that if half the world eats all the food, and I think TV and internet commercials are doing a very good job at that, THEN half the world will eat the other half. A warning I once heard long ago in a song and it always holds truth.
As a matter of fact, the more we enjoy living, continuing to be indifferent to others’ plight the more we will, for sure, suffer the same plight, by their violence, paying for our LUXURIOUS INDIFFERENCE.
Believe me, if we don’t move fast to feed the hungry communities, that will inevitably give way to those who offer them a loaf of bread in one hand and a deadly sword in the other, and don’t forget, the hungry will have no choice but to accept BOTH.
Level 3
RESTORING HUMAN DIGNITY. A dignity that have been stolen by oppression, manipulation and marginalization, ignoring the value of the majority of our planet inhabitants because of their lack of resources, their low education, their particular races or beliefs. We should mend those cracks ruining that giant image of man which was, at the very beginning, in his Creator’s likeness. Here, also, the well-planned media has a key role as it can feature each and every simple individual or citizen as a recognized star in his own field of work, hence, inviting him to dig deep exploring their hidden potentials in order to turn his/her environment, community, nation and even the whole world into a better place.
Level 4
A CAREFULLY PLANNED YOUTH-EMPLOYMENT SYSTEM. In fact, this level, which we’ve come to discuss at our gathering here, is where all the previous levels, mentioned before, will lead to and pour into, simply because AN ENLIGHTENED MIND AND HEART gained from the first level, SATISFIED AND HEALTHY BODY from the second and RESURRECTED RESTORED DIGNITY from the third are all to find a concrete achievement on the 4th level when adequate jobs give all these urging needs to each and every one of the suffering new generations.
As we focus on youth employment, we should get out of that ever shrinking box which limits job opportunities into governments’ vacancies, i.e., positions at their institutions and projects. In order to effectively meet such an urgent need we should start by a worldwide brainstorming creating new ideas and initiatives for income-generating enterprises. Then after those ideas have got matured, developing into promising feasible proposals, comes the role of governments to make them executable and sustainable through legalization, experts’ guidance, media promotional support and security protection against those who wouldn’t accept youth employment to come true, and they are many.
Orchestrating the employment processes with all their opportunities and challenges can be only possible through a sustainable world-wide networking with a continual follow-up mechanism that can guarantee their continuity and time-effectiveness.
Moreover, the connectivity/interaction of the 4 levels mentioned before is a must. It should have the same indispensable requirements; a wide spread networking and a thorough follow-up system. This is plus, of course, a well-planned media campaign.
To go further into the practical, we should take into consideration that a worldwide brainstorming, proposals/initiatives screening, structuring, execution phasing, coherent networking and a follow-up/feedback mechanism, all need an analytical visualization/mapping-out models in order to be able to communicate daily with an accurately measurable evaluation of every step of the planned procedure, the thing which the verbal communication has almost always failed to reach.
Therefore, I’ll be both honored and delighted to propose, at another session, my visual approach which I have presented and used, for many years, as a practical tool for displaying, analyzing and making decisions of different problems/crises at many local and international gatherings.
The visual models I’m proposing to go further into the details of the challenge of curbing the menaces are:
1- Problem Scope

It maps out both THE DIAGNOSING and ANALYZING Phases of the Problem-Solving Process, showing on screen all the problem components (menaces) distributed on hierarchical levels of effects: A- Individual (both internal and external) Level, B- Family Level, C- Community Level, D- Social Level, E- National Level, F- Regional Level, G- International Level reaching up to H- Global and Cosmic Levels.

2- The Meta-Level Overview

A- The Full Range of Problem-Solver Views:
It is a display of the full range of your views as problem-solvers on the given problem from one extreme to the opposite including those views inclined to either extreme and that is in order to attain the eclectic, balanced resultant one.
B- The Full Range of Solutions:
It is a display of the full range of your solutions for the given problem from one extreme to the opposite one, including those inclined to either of the two extremes, and that is in order to attain the most adequate and effective one.

3- Solution Scope
It is mapping out the Solution’s Action Layers that should cover the problem’s ones (plotting the actions of the four mentioned healing levels plus the networking and feedback/follow-up mechanism mapped out thereon).

4- Map of Follow-up Mechanism
It displays the systematic procedure of the follow-up mechanism needed for monitoring the progress of our project implementation ranging from the individual communication level through higher levels of communication: Groups, Governmental Establishments, Political Parties, National NGO organizations, Regional Organizations, reaching International Organizations.

5- Map of the Supporting Media Campaign
It displays the systematic procedure of activating all media channels, both traditional and innovative, for boosting all the projects planned.
This will be an on-screen show, applying my visual analytical modelling system for displaying and analyzing all WORLD’S MENACES and solving the complex problem of YOUTH EMPLOYMENT, using it as an effective tool to curb them.

George Onsy
® March 24-2017

SI IO SONO – YES I AM – Doc Penpen’s Poem

Italian Version English version

SI IO SONO                                                  YES I AM


Sì, sonolibero                                                 yes  i am free

sì, libero per tutti                                           yes free for all

Io sono al di làdellemura                               i am beyond the walls

al di làdellepagine                                          beyond the pages

Al di làdell’amarezzadell’uomo                                 beyond the bitterness of man

Io sonoilmeglio di tutti                                              i am the best of all

ilmigliore di tuttiisogni                                             the best of all the dreams

ditutte le speranze di tutti desideri                of all the hopes of all desires

Ho la piùgrande rivelazione di tutti              i am  the greatest revelation of all

– senza fine – scoperta di sé                           of all-unending-self-discoveries

Io sono il cuore dell’intera evoluzione                      i am the heart of all evolution

dell’infinita esistenza tesa allaperfezione                  of infinite existence to perfection

Io vivo semplicemente eliberamente             i simply live freely

inogni nascita                                                 in every birth

inogni morte                                                  in every death

inogni respiro dell’universo                           in every breath of the universe


Io sono AMORE                                                       i  am LOVE

senza un tempio                                             without a temple

senza un nome                                                           without a name

Poema di Doc PenPen                                                        Original Poem, English version

Tradotto in italiano                                                             By Doc PenPen,

da : Claudia Piccinno




DEFINING PEACE – Dr. Nikhat Bano


Peace is to live and let live

Peace is one’s own disposition

Peace is a word of ultimate beauty

Peace has no other connotation


How can one do its dissection?

It is harmoniously embedded in us

That we cease to live if it is out of us

We’re born to live and die in peace


But when someone disrupts one’s peace

And when the peace is forcibly taken

The entire race goes off track

And the whole of humanity cries


Peace ends when one innocent is killed

It is like killing the whole of humanity

It is letting the humanity bleed, in vain

And defeating the purpose of our creation


LET US GO FOR WAR – Membis Godwin

Come with me to the field,

Do not be left out Friend;

There is war going on:

World War Three has began.

Just come with no arm.

We shall conquier them_

Soldiers of Doom and Hate.

Let’s like Tigers fight:

The fight for World’s peace.

Sorry alone would victory us.

We will with it defeat_

Men that have come with Jets,

Sophisticated arms and skills.

Let us march with Smiles,

Unboot our feet with ease_

Sorry has assured us victory.


PEACE – II Chandra Prakash Sharma

On Leo Tolstoy’s Birthday
(September 9th, 1828)


War and Peace
The life’s hot spots
Ages have passed
But the battles still fought


Since times immemorial
Good and Evil go to war
The conflict not resolved
It lingers on in minds so far


The Kauravas and Pandavas
Their differences never shed
In the divine presence of Krishna
Blood of their own wide spread


Sumers and Elam
Fought fierce battle
But terrorist issues
We couldn’t yet settle


The mighty minds
thrashed the brains
But wars still continue
though nobody gains


ContempoTolstoy and Gandhi
Two apostles of peace
The one an intellectual
The other with mass appeal


Today Tolstoy’s birthday
Reminds of War and Peace
Of his Anna Karenina
His last letter to Gandhi

How the peace fleece


So long as child we know
Conditioned to loyalties

We just forget as we grow
Hence all our life is meant for fails.


Peace needs an approach
With childlike innocence
Gun tottering can’t bring it
Nor deadly weapons of defence


This will be our true homage
To Leo Tolstoy on his birthday
If we listen to his sagacious words
And act as he earnestly says