The Anthem of Agony – Malek Saleh , Iraqi poet



Written by: Malek Saleh , Iraqi poet

Translated by: Fathia Asfour, Palestinian poet & translator


The Anthem of Agony


Be with me, my Princess !

Do not fear

On the walls of the soul

you I’ve engraved

since your love deep dived

into the depths of mine


To my screams

do  respond and  do turn back

Do not let

the nightmare of regret

accompany me


My words abandoned me

They chase you to make you hear

the anthems of agony I bear


With my tears

the distances I will reduce

and by the boat of my eyelashes

I will sail to you


Silence no longer has sense

Listen to my heart !

cheering up your love

at the top of its pulses.


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