The Essential You – Diwakar Methil

The Essential You

You are the lamp of my life
That throws light on my path
But for you my beloved,
I walk in the thickest darkness.
Without you my arms grope outward
So that my visage does not collide
With anything solid or hard.
My feet feel the rough surface of my way
For guidance, random obstacles
Or I might trip on an unwary stone
And me fall on my face
With the results in consequence.

Your figure projected in high density
On my immediate horizon
The longing for life is reflected
In my happy forward looking face.
I sing paens to you in the chambers
Of my rejoicing mind.
My life incongruous and dull existence
Takes on added significance
Like when the sun splays pink
The eastern horizon.

I feel the soft vibrations
Of your adoring presence
In the ether that surrounds me.
I am happy I am contented
With a lot that ever remains
The most fortunate lot.

You inspire me, encourage
To transcend my limits
To reach the highest levels
Of thought and action.
I soar like the regal eagle
On the fastness of mountains
The Andes, Alps and Himalayas.

I look at myself with approval great
And congratulate myself, for I say
To myself: Some guys have all the luck
That most guys don’t have.

I am blessed of the gods
Pampered of the winds
Whispered to by the trees
Sung to by the larks
And forever fated to be free
Of factors like grief, disenchantment,
And the endless infirmities
That rack the human mind.

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