The Lie – Sudha Dixit‎

The Lie

L'immagine può contenere: una o più persone

Out of the blue
Without any clue,
By a thought
I was hit
You don’t really
Love me even
A little bit
Remember !
Once your
Single error
Had shattered my
Magic mirror
Piece by piece
We gathered
Those shards
Restored our faith
With a new start
My happiness
Was replenished
But, again, today
A single lie–
A ruse
Wrapped in the
Garb of
An excuse
Left me
Bewildered, and
And with
Shaken faith
My cheerfulness
Has vanished
I am miserable
And forlorn
I am lonely
And woebegone
You know
I cannot withstand
A lie
I would rather,now
But die

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