The World Map – Olfa Philo

Did I whisper in your ear once

when I melt in your arms

that you are my world map

that I’m a regular traveller

and a fervent explorer

that I won’t miss any

of your four corners

will land in all your countries

will explore all your  caves

will admire all your landscapes

will cope with all your weathers

will survive your scorching sun

will bear your winter frost

will climb all your mountains

will bathe in all your beaches

will dive in all your seas

will taste all your cuisines…


I apologize now

for breaking my promise

for cancelling my journey

because the modern world

turned me into a mindless

and heartless wanderer

took me away from your

labyrinthian map

kept me busy with

other accessible maps

metamorphosed me

into a restless monkey

jumping from one tree to another

looking for ‘food’ here and there

roaming aimlessly

hanging out willy-nilly

with a distracted mind

mistaking my east for my west

confusing my north with my south

heading left but not right

spinning around after my ‘tail’

instead of exploring the/ my/your world …

Olfa Philo


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