YOU ARE LOVE – 22 by The Great Poet George Onsy

From my poem series on Divine Love .. it’s an open invitation to climb together towards the top of our religion pyramid where our ONE God .. their very Source .. does exist. There, we will be united .. however our differences may be .. getting closer to God. This instead of remaining at the pyramid’s base where its long sides can separate us and we continue to be distant one another and distant from our ONE God.

To God …


You never fail
To cuddle me
With those
Enticing messages
Whispered through
Sounds, colors,
Pearls of reflections,
Threads of warm rays,
Breezes perfumed
By dancing flowers
And I feel
Your greatness,
Unspoken, never-imagined,
Realizing my tininess
So, I smile wondering:
Why had you made
The nothingness
You fall in love with?

George Onsy-Egypt
© October 2016
With my painting: MELTING INTO THE DIVINE BODY (2015)

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